Brightening-Up this slow Thursday

From the moment my 6:30 am alarm started blaring 'Animal' by The Neon Trees I had a feeling it was going to be a slow day. The clouds were here, the sleep from my eyelids just did not want to leave and I knew I would have to manipulate darts on a skirt today (which I have never done), and yes it prove to be challenge. When the clock hit mid day I was pleased to be sitting with some friends in a food court with some oh-so calorie filled terriyaki stir-fry, but that's what guilty pleasures are for right? I soon bid my farewell and hopped on the train to attend to my job, luckily for me we got in a generous donation of red bull, and you know I love me a little energy at that 2 o-clock feeling. fast forward a few hours and I am simultaneously surfing several variations of social media, and racking up my 'Happy List'...

Now who doesn't love seeing what the fabulous spend their money on? A 65 hundred dollar teal faux fur (and no, not "fox fur"), yes please. I must admit Meadham Kirchhoff is quit the talent, and even though his runway looks may not be for everyone (I adore them however), the single pieces paired with a subdued colour palette can quench just about any fashionistas thirst. And yes I understand $6,445 is a pretty penny, http://www.amazon.com/Wide-Faux-Luxury-Turquoise-Fabric/dp/B003CTQAYQ/ref=sr_1_8?s=arts-crafts&ie=UTF8&qid=1348211323&sr=1-8 so this is a link to some faux fur to create your own version. Moving right along...

In my opinion, Mama Miuccia can do no wrong. Her Spring 2013 Woman's RTW Show in Milan today proved my theory satisfyingly right. I'm not sure how she does it, but she always finds a way to incorporate statement eye wear, innovative footwear and wearable art EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I absolutely love it (and her ofc). The flower motif reminds me of those Christmas cookies with little pieces of maraschino cherries in the centre, on a ADHD note I always wished maraschino was actually moschino. And those tranny - japanese geisha - jetsons - margiela shoes blow my mind and several other areas. Speaking of mind blowing shoes, 

While scrolling down my instagram feed today I happened upon this breathtaking photo. Needless to say I am an enormous Jeremy Scott fan and any pictures of his new creations cause me to have irregular heart palpitations, ie those totem pole wing 2.0s. I have heard rumours of these spiritual creatures but never have I been able to put a face to a name (or a wing for that matter), until today. I love this shoe and hopefully it will grace my average sized foot in months to come, or now if Jeremy is reading this and wants to send me a thank you for product promotion, its worth a shot right? 

Well I will leave you all with those images and opinionated words, that was today's instalment of the Quirky Wintour. Hope it was enjoyable.

xx QW 

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