Pastel Shadow

This photo was taken at around 6 pm, when the sun was still shining and it was still warm out. I can feel summer creeping around the corner folks.

Look - HM
Shoes - Adidas Torsion Allegra 

Unfortunately I succumbed to the form fitting call of my old HM pieces. Fast fashion is still prevalent in my day to day life, as much as I try to stop it. I am being incredibly dramatic, but it gets the point across. 


My Handy Work

Happi Coat - Thrift
Shirt - My Design
Pants - HM
Socks - American Apparel
Shoes - Adidas Originals

That is me, standing in the same spot as last thursday. However, you may notice that this time I am drenched in the ubiquitous rain that forever drowns us here on the west coast. Something else that has changed in this photo is my outfit, and what I want to spotlight is my shirt Im wearing. I use the term 'shirt' lightly, because it is really only half a shirt. What makes this shirt somewhat interesting are the enlarged french cuffs, and the seam in the front that was achieved by using the transformative reconstruction technique. 


End of Semester BLUR

Jacket - Adidas Originals
Polo - Lacoste
Pants - Margiela x HM
Socks - American Apparel
Shoes - New Balance

I am so exhausted. But still going. 


That Time I Went to Live with My Aunt & Uncle in Bel Air

Shirt - Thrift
Shorts - Thrift
Shoes - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals

All day I was told how I look like Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, now Im not sure if thats a compliment or not. However Ill take it. And please don't mind the obscure folding happening around my crotch, thats what happens when you buy shorts 2 sizes to big. 


Easter Attire

Jacket - HM
Shirt - HM
Pants - Maison Martin Margiela x HM
Hat - My Mother's Closet 
Shoes - Cole Haan
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

First things first, I am kind of obsessed with this jacket right now. Its one of those pieces that you buy, wear once, then find it a year later and never take it off. In my opinion its the perfect mix of Amish, Celiné Pre Fall 13 & Thom Browne. 

Now second things second, I am disgusted with the amount of H&M I wear from a day to day basis. The fact that I am trying to boycott fast fashion, while simultaneously wearing it, is emblematic of hypocritical tendencies. In my defence I haven't shopped fast fashion since the Margiela x HM drop. But Maison Martin Margiela doesnt run cheap, and my thirst for something new is rising, and I am scared I may succumb to the new spring wears popping up at a mall near you. 

Now Third things third, its saturday and its sunny. And the fact that I am sitting behind a computer screen clacking away is pitiful. So with that I bid you all a happy day, and a happier Easter. 


Rulers Are SO Last Season

Jacket - HM
Pants - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals 
Shoes - Maison Martin Margiela x HM
Sunglasses - Burberry

I can tell its definitely the end of term when I realize the excessive amount of hours I spend at school start to rub off on my sartorial choices. Fortunately I wore these to pattern drafting class today, where I managed to forget my ruler. Luckily I was wearing these pants, yes it involved a lot of awkward leg bending on the table. But the outcome was swell, and at least now I know that I do have a potential career of being a gymnast. 


Bleacher Preacher

Jacket - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals
Shirt - GAP
Pants - Margiela x HM
Socks - American Apparel 
Shoes - New Balance 
Sunglasses - Burberry 

It may appear as though I am 'that person' who deems it necessary to block their eyes from the atrocities of the world at all times via tinted eyewear. But Im not, I swear. The photo doesn't show it, but the sun creeps behind the clouds and secretly and slowly incinerates your retinas. Better safe then sorry I always say! 



Jacket - Lee
Shirt - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals
Backpack - Herschel
Pants - Margiela x HM
Shoes - Dr Martens

With April around the corner and weather seeming less dull, my heavily overused vapid back drops are about too be put to their long winters nap (or spring for that matter). It never occurred to me, that on my walk home their are endless places to stand and snap an outfit photo. Endless amounts of battered wooden fences and over grown grass, the epitome of neo-classicism if you ask me. (kidding obviously)


Lost In The Suburbs

Jacket - My Sister's Vintage
Shirt - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals 
Pants - HM
Socks - Adidas Originals 
Shoes - Superga 
Sunglasses - Ray Ban 


Totem Pole Society

A rare occurrence of sun in March graced us all here in Vancouver. So me and my beautiful friend ( of www.reallyliteral.blogspot.com ) decided to shoot in Stanely Park to celebrate the acquisition of her new Jeremy Scott jacket.

My outfit today really had no inspiration, I kind of felt like Kris Van Assche S/S 13 and a bit Pelayo Diaz though.

Happi Coat - Thrift
Blazer I Hacked in Half - HM
Shirt - HM
Pants - HM
Socks - Adidas
Shoes - Hermés
Bag - Maison Martin Margiela 
Watch - Jean D'Eve 
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Hat - Thrift



Janis Ian Said It Best

Undoubtably she was referring to the shoes I wore today, they were life ruiners and ruined my life, (aka heels).

If any of you are ever the slight bit curious as to what it feels like to have your feet stuck in bear traps, then dragged on sand paper. Then these, these are the shoes for you. I have owned these things for quite a while, although prior to today they were frequently accompanied by thick tube socks or wool foot condoms. Today being the risky guy I am (kidding), I adeptly deemed them appropriate to be matched with thin below-the-ankle socks. One of my more brilliant decisions if I may say so myself. So a mouthful of  toothpaste and 10 minutes later my feet started to cry. 'Ill be fine' I said, 'they'll stop rubbing any minute' I said, and 5 minutes later I swallowed my tears and carried on my morning proclivities with a limp and chocked back tears. Moral of the story, I am A) very dramatic when it comes to blisters, and B) never attempt Dr Martens without padding and crutches.

Now for the sake of why I started surlafete, I am going to record what I wore today for my own sake.

Shirt - Self Made W/ Handles
Pants - Beige Margiela x HM
Scarf - Batiked From Hawaii 



Dressed Comfortable Like a Scuba Diver

For those of you who are confused, the title is pertaining to the fact that my blazer is made of neoprene. I would have liked to show what the blazer looked like on. However, subsequent to a 12 hour sewing day, my clothes only managed to fly off my body and onto my bed. Instead of allotting me time to snap an outfit photo.

Pants - HM
Shoes - Adidas
Blazer - Zara




This morning I woke up and asked myself, 'if I was going grocery shopping in the Hamptons what would I wear?" So here it is folks, my best take on classic americana grocery shopping attire.

Blazer - HM
Shirt - Topman
Pants - Rag & Bone
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Brown Suede Penny Loafers - Rockport



Dressing Like a Japanese Chef, Lesson #1

Yes, what I am wearing is a traditional Japanese chefs uniform. And no, I don't want to talk about it. Jokes, if I didn't want to talk about it whats the point of blogging about it? I digress. 

Japanese Happi Coat & Pants - Thrift
Jacket - My Sister's Closet
Hat - My Mother's Closet
Shoes - Dr. Martens

I am truly still unsure of what possessed me to purchase a Happi coat and pants a few months back. But I couldn't be more pleased with the fact that I did. I wore the jacket back in January, but the pants were just left crunched up in a drawer. I had no intention of ever wearing the outfit again, until this morning when the same feeling that overcame me at the thrift returned. But I am pleased with the look as a whole,  I was told I looked amish today, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. 

think Celiné Pre Fall 2013

Alright, well Im tired. See you on the bloggisphere soonish. XX


2For1 Deal

You know that awesome feeling when you go to a vending machine and when you only pay for one candy bar two come out instead? Well thats how this should feel like, I am giving the gift of double outfit posts.
HA. Ya, right.

The reality of this post is just that I neglected to take make a post yesterday, I think it was the tuesday haze that struck me. Never heard of the 'tuesday haze' before? Well neither have I, but Im just going to coin that term right now. And if anyone asks you where you heard that term, it was from me of course. 

In my attempt to expedite my posting, I decided to combine yesterdays and todays outfits into one post. 

For the look on the left I tried to channel Saint Laurent S/S13 and Balmain Homme, instead I spent the day getting asked if I knew who Boy George was. That wasn't the outcome I was hoping for, and honestly I wasn't familiar with Boy George. And when I finally did google him, I was pleased that I am being compared to an 80's songstress. How great. 

Hat - Belonging to my Mother - No Label
Jacket - Vintage from Paris
Shirt - MHI
Pants - HM
Shoes - Comme Des Garcons x Converse

For the look on the right, well I didn't exactly have an insporation for this outfit. It sort of just fell together quickly. The pants I made though, they have a large inverted dart down the front. But since these pants are a proto of my final, they are unfinished, thus the fraying at the hem. 

Shirt - Thrift
Pants - ME
Shoes - New Balance
Watch - Belonging to my Mother - Gucci 

Okay, I don't think the tuesday haze has faded off. Moving onto wednesday haze, #trademark. 



Rebelling Against Arbitrary Fashion Rules.

Who ever mandated that society shall not wear linen and sport tops together is obviously a fool. This fine monday I woke up with an air of rebellion about me and decided to put this outlawed combination together, and then carried on with my day.

Top - Thrift
Pants - HM
Shoes - Vans

Please disregard my uninhabited wrist, I woke up 50 minutes past my scheduled alarm and forgot to put a wrist watch on. I am trying my best to conceal this unsightly accident, but I suppose putting my fists in my pockets isn't a very effective tactic. 

Enjoy the rest of your monday nights, and please look out your windows and acknowledge the fact that it is still light out at 6:30pm.



Relating To What I Posted Yesterday.

I am just struck at how this photo depicts the entirety of what I was trying to say in my previous post so perfectly. The woman with her $89 Walmart point and shoot camera to the left, and the asian woman who is just about to blindside Caroline Issa are the undoubted truth of the chaos that has become street style photography.

Take My Picture - A Garage Magazine Project

An interesting look at what street style photography was, is, and will become. How the Phil Ohs are beings of the past, and the succession of basic wannabes are swarming the Tuleries.

Take nine minutes of your life to watch this, then come weep with me on the behalf of Tim Blanks. 


Twice is Nice

Once is Funce, Twice is Nice, & Third is Turd.

Godamn my predilection to rhyme words in stupid ways. But in all honesty though, I am wearing my shoes two days in a row. Thus the title, "twice is nice". And I really couldn't feel happier about my mundane choice. I suppose that the title could also apply to the fact that I also wore the same sweater last week, but I was hoping no one would notice... 

Sweater - Holt Renfrew x Justin Broadbents
Jacket - Jeremy Scott & Adidas Originals
Shoes - Jeremy Scott & Adidas Originals
Shorts - Thrift

Actually, it does feel kind of nice to be a repetitive dresser for once. It finally feels like I am giving my wardrobe some use ! I am kept up at night by the dejected cries of shoes and boots, wanting to be let out of their boxes they now call prison. Finally, I have one less cry to hear. I think my teddys are next on the jail break list. 



Outdoor Acne

This morning I woke up to the ubiquitous grey skies that so often appear here on the west coast. However, being stubborn and oblivious to the affects of the weather I opted for very cropped pants (or shorts as some people like to call them). And yes, I wore shorts yesterday and was told that its freezing and that I should wait for warm weather. But I stayed true to my ego and obstinate in my opinion of dressing according to what mother nature hands us. 

Jersey - Thrift
Shorts - Thrift
Jacket - Acne
Shoes - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals

In all honesty though, I am absolutely sick of this weather. I am seriously considering moving to the Turks and Caicos, where I don't have to masquerade pretending Im not freezing. 


(PS me and Sandra Hagelstam are wearing the same jacket)


9 in the Afternoon

So as I listened to 9 in the afternoon by Pan!c at the Disco, one of their lyrics struck me. While I sat in an pathetically padded office chair and the lyric 'loosing the feeling, of feeling unique' traversed through my mind I thought of not who I was, but more importantly what I was wearing. I sat there in one of Riccardo Tisci's most iconic floral prints, I realized that what I was wearing was completely bereft of originality and novelty. That this very shirt that I was wearing has been on countless, 'swag' and 'hype' blogs and tumblrs alike. That the shirt I am wearing, is coveted by the very same people that idolize Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa. I believe the elated state of my facial expression depicts quite accurately how I feel being associated with 'swag' & 'hype'.

Shirt - Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012
Shorts - Thrift
Socks - Black
Shoes - Salvatore Ferragamo

I am going to finish of this post with another lyric from 9 in the Afternoon. "You could, 'cause you can, so you do".  And thats exactly what I did, I could buy it, so I can buy it, so I did buy it. And to be completely honest I don't regret one single penny, yes its common, but its even more beautiful. Now if only I could get my hands on one of those shark tees. 



Really Really Nice Cheap Plastic Bags

Celiné & Stella McCartney

Im not going to go and say that this will be a huge trend next season, but I will say that I am kind of liking what I am seeing. People dressing up as those cheap plastic bags, who knew it could be so chic?

The bags that I am referring too. 

All though the above coats are incredibly well executed, I wouldn't say that the idea is 100% original. Cue Spring 2007 Louis Vuitton FLASHBACK ! 

Well that was my 2 cents, good night ! 


I Laterally See a Trend Forming.

So this morning whilst doing my usual ritual of viewing the collections I managed to sleep through, I noticed some déjà vu happening at Dior. Cue the sudden realization of the appropriateness of this posts title. Yes, what I am speaking of are the partially bisecting lines crossing model's garments from London, Milan, & now Paris.

(Jil Sander, Dior, J.W. Anderson) 

If I notice another garment with a similar line on it, come next spring all of my tops will have said lines on them as well. 

Au Revoir. 


'Rick Owens' Factory Defective

Once again, the above gif lacks relevancy. But being irrelevant is the new black right?
I digress.

Shirt - Thrift
Pants - L'Agence
Shoes - Thrift
Bracelet - Margiela x H&M

It would seem as though I spontaneously grew 2 inches over night, but they don't call me the master of illusions for nothing. The main prop to my current visual deception, are my 'new' nineties chunky sneakers.  

These shoes that appear to be slowly melting into the ground, quickly elevate you to new heights of tackiness. Personally I would describe these as a Rick Owens factory defective model, but you can describe them as you please. 

Au Revoir.