Outfit of Yesterday

This was yesterdays outfit, its definitely one of those looks that your confused as to why you decided to put those pieces together. Once its all on, you like the look but then you don't. Its one of those I suppose.

Shirt - Juicy Couture (mens I swear)
Chain - Vintage Givenchy Costume Jewelry
Pants - Disgusting H&M Ones 
Shoes - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals

Im kind of into this picture, it looks like my shoes just decided to start flying and that the rest of my body is surprised. Im kind of the next Annie Leibovitz, no big deal or anything. And about my shews, so like at the beginning of December I blogged about them. And I thought that only China was getting them, but look at ME now! Canada got a limited supply, and I got a pair. Can I get a hell yeah.


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