2For1 Deal

You know that awesome feeling when you go to a vending machine and when you only pay for one candy bar two come out instead? Well thats how this should feel like, I am giving the gift of double outfit posts.
HA. Ya, right.

The reality of this post is just that I neglected to take make a post yesterday, I think it was the tuesday haze that struck me. Never heard of the 'tuesday haze' before? Well neither have I, but Im just going to coin that term right now. And if anyone asks you where you heard that term, it was from me of course. 

In my attempt to expedite my posting, I decided to combine yesterdays and todays outfits into one post. 

For the look on the left I tried to channel Saint Laurent S/S13 and Balmain Homme, instead I spent the day getting asked if I knew who Boy George was. That wasn't the outcome I was hoping for, and honestly I wasn't familiar with Boy George. And when I finally did google him, I was pleased that I am being compared to an 80's songstress. How great. 

Hat - Belonging to my Mother - No Label
Jacket - Vintage from Paris
Shirt - MHI
Pants - HM
Shoes - Comme Des Garcons x Converse

For the look on the right, well I didn't exactly have an insporation for this outfit. It sort of just fell together quickly. The pants I made though, they have a large inverted dart down the front. But since these pants are a proto of my final, they are unfinished, thus the fraying at the hem. 

Shirt - Thrift
Pants - ME
Shoes - New Balance
Watch - Belonging to my Mother - Gucci 

Okay, I don't think the tuesday haze has faded off. Moving onto wednesday haze, #trademark. 


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