Easter Attire

Jacket - HM
Shirt - HM
Pants - Maison Martin Margiela x HM
Hat - My Mother's Closet 
Shoes - Cole Haan
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

First things first, I am kind of obsessed with this jacket right now. Its one of those pieces that you buy, wear once, then find it a year later and never take it off. In my opinion its the perfect mix of Amish, Celiné Pre Fall 13 & Thom Browne. 

Now second things second, I am disgusted with the amount of H&M I wear from a day to day basis. The fact that I am trying to boycott fast fashion, while simultaneously wearing it, is emblematic of hypocritical tendencies. In my defence I haven't shopped fast fashion since the Margiela x HM drop. But Maison Martin Margiela doesnt run cheap, and my thirst for something new is rising, and I am scared I may succumb to the new spring wears popping up at a mall near you. 

Now Third things third, its saturday and its sunny. And the fact that I am sitting behind a computer screen clacking away is pitiful. So with that I bid you all a happy day, and a happier Easter. 

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