Janis Ian Said It Best

Undoubtably she was referring to the shoes I wore today, they were life ruiners and ruined my life, (aka heels).

If any of you are ever the slight bit curious as to what it feels like to have your feet stuck in bear traps, then dragged on sand paper. Then these, these are the shoes for you. I have owned these things for quite a while, although prior to today they were frequently accompanied by thick tube socks or wool foot condoms. Today being the risky guy I am (kidding), I adeptly deemed them appropriate to be matched with thin below-the-ankle socks. One of my more brilliant decisions if I may say so myself. So a mouthful of  toothpaste and 10 minutes later my feet started to cry. 'Ill be fine' I said, 'they'll stop rubbing any minute' I said, and 5 minutes later I swallowed my tears and carried on my morning proclivities with a limp and chocked back tears. Moral of the story, I am A) very dramatic when it comes to blisters, and B) never attempt Dr Martens without padding and crutches.

Now for the sake of why I started surlafete, I am going to record what I wore today for my own sake.

Shirt - Self Made W/ Handles
Pants - Beige Margiela x HM
Scarf - Batiked From Hawaii 


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