Twice is Nice

Once is Funce, Twice is Nice, & Third is Turd.

Godamn my predilection to rhyme words in stupid ways. But in all honesty though, I am wearing my shoes two days in a row. Thus the title, "twice is nice". And I really couldn't feel happier about my mundane choice. I suppose that the title could also apply to the fact that I also wore the same sweater last week, but I was hoping no one would notice... 

Sweater - Holt Renfrew x Justin Broadbents
Jacket - Jeremy Scott & Adidas Originals
Shoes - Jeremy Scott & Adidas Originals
Shorts - Thrift

Actually, it does feel kind of nice to be a repetitive dresser for once. It finally feels like I am giving my wardrobe some use ! I am kept up at night by the dejected cries of shoes and boots, wanting to be let out of their boxes they now call prison. Finally, I have one less cry to hear. I think my teddys are next on the jail break list. 


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