The Beautiful Rachel Roy at The Bay in Down Town Vancouver

This past Friday (the 21st), Rachel Roy decided to grace our little town and give us the fashion serge we all felt we needed. I was very eager to attend, so I began planning my outfit the night before. The event was scheduled to start at 5:30pm, learning from previous events I decided I would show up reasonably early to ensure I was able to get a good spot and not be crammed in the back of a pack of eager fashionistas in painted Louboutins. I showed up to pacific centre at 4:30, did my usual rounds and stopped by holts. Surprisingly enough they were handing out diet cokes in their signature hot pink with grey and white stripes, so in true fashion form I drank mine with a straw to ensure I wouldn't be staining my 4 baby teeth.

Here is said diet coke with a little hand modeling from moi. Feel free to follow my instagram (@svarsek). OH the shameless self promotion. 

After that little refreshment me and my fellow classmate (my girl) scurried on over the The Bay. We showed up 15 minutes before showtime, and it was unpleasantly dead. I was getting a little nervous for Rachel, wondering if me, my girl and the employees were going to be her only audience. I set that aside and decided to chat. Slowly but surely people started to pile in, woman dressed in their fashion atire and men in their colored H&M jeans (spare me) & yes the occasional 'party crasher' only there for the free wine and appys. Needless to say the mix was entertaining. 

The models stood towering above us mear pesents (as if they weren't already), on their glossy white cubes.

So earlier that day I had seen on twitter and instagram that my favourite Vancouver Fashion blogger would be joining in on the festivities, I had to go up to her and meet her. About a month before I saw her at an event at Holt Renfrew (cue Rachel Zoe), I was to nervous and didn't go up to her. So I made it my mission of the night to set aside my nerves and say hi. The clock struck a random time and I turned and saw her, knees quivering and palms becoming increasingly sweating I waited for an opening, (she is a very popular woman). Once I saw 2 woman say their final good byes to her I darted over and said hi. Now what I said I am not really sure, I was nervous. However she was incredibly nice, so sweet and genuine and I couldn't be happier I faced my nerves head first.

Dont mind the random asian. But don't we just love the chartreuse? I believe P'trique mentioned in his coveteur interview that chartreuse is the new black. 

If P'Trique says it then it must be true. 

Well I will leave you all with that (awefully lengthy post), so in the words of P'Trique, "farewell my little flowers".

xx QW

And finally an outfit post. 

Sisley sweater, H&M button up, Mexx skinny cargos, and New Balance runnners. 

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