Portobello West

On this lazy Sunday (que Andy Samberg) me and my friends from class decided to venture on down to Portobello West which was being held in Athletes Village. Portobello West is basically a big room full of local merchants selling their goods. I unsurprisingly partook in the money spending festivities...

I couldn't walk away from the stand without making a purchase, the name was just too good. My test run with them will be tomorrow, I will keep you all posted. (kidding, not kidding). available at www.superluckyunderwear.com

Me being the stereotypical Asian had to buy the Pikachu cookie. It was basically my 4 o-clock breakfast, but was delicious and well worth it none-the-less. available at www.designercookies.ca

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and hopefully ended up going to Portobello West, if not now you know its well worth it and should try to make it out next year. From that I will leave you all with that surprisingly short post. 

xx QW

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