The Consumerist Culture

Ever since I knew how to shop, my father always told me "Buy better and buy less!" A mentality that makes complete sense, but takes a lot of commitment to follow these rules. To my father, a business man I suppose discipline came easy. To a young kid with big ideas of what a 20 dollar bill could buy him, that proposition seemed irrelevant. Until about the age of twelve I continued on with my ways, of cheap thrills and collecting objects of various levels of insignificance. So the years went on, and I slowly began to recall those words from long ago, "Buy better and buy less". So I began to buy, but I only remembered the first part of the phrase, and slowly became a mass consumer. 

Now lets fast forward 1 year after High School.

Im in my Apparel Industry course, we just had an eye-opening speaker and a discussion about the Apparel Industry's impact on the world, and what little others have. I suppose it may be a combination of me about to step foot into that industry, or it being the Holiday season and we should be helping the less fortunate. But that discussion really struck something in me. 

Now let's fast forward to the night after the discussion.

I walk into my bedroom. I open my door halfway because of the pile of clothes behind the door. I throw my backpack onto a heap of outfits I presumed unworthy of a wednesday. I sit down on my chair that has been taken over by a jacket that won't fit into my guest room that is now a self imposed outerwear closet. I clear off my desk that acts more as a place to leave my clothes than a place to do work. Finally I open up my computer and I get to thinking, "Why do I have all of this stuff". 

My stomach started to churn and I looked around and could only see heaps and piles of items I once considered necessary.

I started to come to terms with the fact, that I am 'that' customer. I had become what I never thought was possible for me. Over time my fathers advice had turned from 'buy better and buy less", to "buy better and buy more". And I apparently embraced that way of life and accumulated a stockpile of must have designer collaborations, and must have pieces. 

I am writing this to advise all of you to do what I did, sit in the middle of your room and look around. Look at your pile of shoes and racks of clothes. Consider why you have all of that stuff, whats necessary and whats not. It's incredible to see all of the stuff you have that you didn't know you 'needed'. 

Now I am going to be realistic. Im not expecting you all to throw out your closet and spend the rest of your days with the clothes on your back. But I am suggesting that next time you see something you need, that you contemplate how badly you need it before you hand over your credit card. 

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