Art and Fashion

Art and fashion is like hummus and hot sauce, (I love hummus and hot sauce). They just go together hand in hand. Although the relationship between art and fashion is unanimous, we hardly ever see tangible  examples. Released about a day ago is the exciting collaboration between Fashions favourite twin's and one of Britain's most revered modern art masters. The Row x Damien Hirst!

Damien Hirst ingeniously used a $39,000 back pack to act as a canvas for dots and pills, and the final is astounding. To me it's the perfect representation of what fashion should be, wearable art. The pill bag will come in at a chic $55,000 and as for the polka dot bags I am not too sure. I can tell you for sure though, that if I had barrel of money lying around that the pill bag would be at the top of my list.

Aren't they beautiful !

I hope my blog hasn't turned out to be a big regurgitation of what you see on other sites, I just get too excited about collaborations is all.


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