50 Shades of DIY

Shirt with Handles : My Design
Faux Leather Track Pants : L'Agence
Socks : American Apparel
Shoes : Zuriick
Bracelet : Balenciaga

You know that moment when an awful song just gets stuck in your head, so you end up going home and youtubeing the crap out of it? Well that is currently happening to me. As I write, Rhianna's "Diamond" is playing in the background. Hopefully by incessantly playing this song it will leave my brain for good. However, we can only hope...

On a different note not regarding the crystalline jingle rattling in my ears, I will briefly describe my ensemble for today. I have worn basically all of these on the blog before, the pants are making a comeback and the socks show up like every post. But the shoes and shirt ladies and gentlemen are new!  Well newish I suppose... The shirt I kinda made, well I guess I just 'remade' it. When I went shopping the other day, I loved the handles on one of my shopping bags so much that I had a Eureka! Moment and thought they would look great on a shirt. So that is what I did, plain and simple. But I rather enjoy the outcome of my Eureka! Moment.

Have a great day one and all. And please just go, and listen to Diamond. And let that song leave our collective memories forever.


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