Japanese Day.

By the looks of it, it would seem as though it was Japanese day today.

I wore a Man Kimono that I thrifted yesterday, It came with matching pants. I however decided to hold off on the head to toe matchy matchy ensemble, in hopes I wouldn't look ridiculous. Ironic Huh?

My shoes are Comme Des Garcons PLAY x converse. Very japanese.

My Shirt is an upside down cross with a butt on it. The epitome of class, just for you guys.

My pants are from I suit I wore once, I just made the legs skinny and left a raw hem at the bottom. Partially because I liked how it looks, but mostly because I wasn't in the mood to do an actual hem job.

And my bracelet is a vintage silver cuff that I have been meaning to get my initial engraved in. I love anything monogramed.

Happy Tuesday !                                                                      xxQW        

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