Athletic Wear for The Non-Athletic

So today is hump day, and opting for comfort today I decided to wear comfort pants. Do not worry everyone, even if I was on my death bed I would never wear those awful fleece grey sweats we all know and hate. Instead I wore a much more appropriate designer pair. Mine are L'Agence and I refer to them as my "slouchy leather pants", never sweats.

Leather on Leather today, the image that pops to ones head when thinking of leather outfits is dramatically different then how I interpreted that idea today. I wore a Thrifted 80's Eggplant Leather Jacket. As beautiful as said jacket is, no matter how many times I get it cleaned it still has an awful aged stench. I just refer to the stench as "Character", because I am not going to bother cleaning it again. My shirt is my future shirt, I feel like a stylish astronaut when I wear it. My socks are american apparel and I have doubles of them because I love them so much. I literally own every sock american apparel makes, (sorry not sorry). And last but not least, my sneakers are Hermes. These are some of the greatest shoes I own, they make every outfit look better. Just leave it to the Parisians to get it right.

We are over half way through the work week now everyone. Literally sitting in a 4 hour class today I almost had a breakdown. But I didn't and neither should you! (just kidding, do what you like). But we are over half way, just keep thinking that ! Unless you work weekends...


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