Light Colors +A Tired Face

When scrolling through my previous posts yesterday, I realized I have been wearing a lot of dark colours and over sized pieces lately. For today's look I wanted to do quite the opposite.  Slim fitting pieces in light colours were my outfit aspirations, and plus light colors make me look less pale so its a win win !

I wore a cap that I thrifted a while ago, at first the inside was white and made it look like I constantly had a due rag on under my hat. So I ended up sharpie-ing the inside of the hat, now it just leaves a black ring on my head... My pants are the painted ones from the Margiela x H&M collaboration. My shirt is a basic from H&M and my shoes are Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals FW12.

For me tomorrow is my last day of classes for the week, and running on a very little sleep I couldn't be more excited to finally sleep in, (hopefully).

I will try to retrieve my outfit shots from yesterday, and try to post them on the weekend. However, for now I have pants to sew, for tomorrow morning...


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