Go To Sleep Winter, Your Drunk.

AHHH, Spring has sprung. Well not exactly but this photo certainly makes it appear as though that has happened. I am currently in a sunny disposition seeing as my weekend can finally start, and my pant fitting went great today, (horay)!

For my outfit today I embraced my inner asian and wore a shirt by A. Bros Productions, I think thats the brand. The shirt's tag just has random little cartoons on it so Im not really too sure who makes it. My pants are Margiela x HM, my socks are American Apparel and I love them. The orange chapeau on my tete is a supreme, and I love how it kind of blends in with the flowers that are taking over my picture. And finally on my feet are a pair of Alifes.

I hope this picture brightened up your day, and hopefully I have inspired you to wear your most ridiculous shirts. Because its super fun too do so.


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