Regal Wear

can we just take a moment for me pretending this is a magazine spread and writing in the corner. 


I bet when you read the title you expected something completely different. Either me clad in a tail coat and cane or possibly a floor length Ermine coat. But no, no. The title is simply because I thought my vintage naval academy blazer & Dr. Marten's were fancy sounding.

Double Breasted Blazer - Vintage Naval Academy, - My Sister's Wardrobe
Polo - Lacoste
Necklace - I made it
Jeans - H&M
Socks - American Apparel
Shoes - Dr. Martens

I have seriously been loving this blazer lately, it is incredibly soft, warm but most importantly versatile. I have never been one to over wear items, but I have a suspicion that I just might start with this blazer.

I hope you guys are enjoying your Hump Day, hopefully Amy Poehler will treat you to one of her non-alcohalic martini's. (But if you do want some alcohal she will give you a little bit, because she would rather you drink it in the house)


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