Cut & Paste

Please do not mind the distorted photo that is the mediocre cut & paste equivalent to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre's leather face mask. It was a busy day and to be completely honest snapping a quick outfit photo was too much of a task today. To compensate I whipped out my trusty laptop & camera and snapped away minutes prior to posting this.

I slept for 3 hours and woke up feeling like a spring chicken. (Im being sarcastic). Being as I wanted nothing more then to just curl up in a chinchilla shrug and call it a day, my outfit mission was well comfort. Oh how I hate admitting that.

Fun Tip:
Dress pants are more comfortable then jeans, they are lighter and softer and look way better. So thats what I opted for today.

Sweatshirt: Margiela x H&M
Pants: Margiela x H&M
Boots: Sebago

The title of today's post was firstly pertaining to me being a virtuoso at photo editing, as well as simply describing each piece I was wearing today. My sweatshirt having a shirt printed onto it, my pants being two pants made into one, and of course my boots being a fusion of an ankle boot and a penny loafer. Pretty fukcing clever if you ask me.

Now I must try to complete my assignments to hopefully get a tad more then a 3 hour sleep tonight.


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