Seeing Double, NO Triple.

This was my outfit today, well for the first part of my day at least. Later that day I changed into a polka dot shirt, But thats neither here nor there.  

I edited this photo in about 1 minute using screen shot and the pages app on my mac, high tech stuff if you ask me. 

Im wearing a Supreme tee, that was purchased during my obsession with the brand. I still enjoy the general aesthetic of the brand, but no longer take part in purchasing new items. 

My lower half is clad in over used, old H&M jeans. A pair of American Apparel socks, and Superga platform sneakers. These shoes feel like walking on mattresses and are a complete joy. 

I want to quickly chat about a movie I watched today, It was called "Pretty Ugly People". The title was enticing and it starred Melissa McCarthy, so I had to watch the film. Expecting a movie filled with jokes pertaining to genitals and obscure dance moves, I was surprisingly presented with neither of my expectations. Instead the movie started to get sad, and when you expected the sad parts to get brighter they just got even more sad. The ending was cheery and filled with happy scene on the beach, but I am still left with the feeling that something was missing from the movie. Possibly I went in expecting too much without fully reading the synopsis, who knows. However I hope you can take 2 hours from your weekend to turn on 'the netflix' and see for your selves. 

Have a lovely weekend! 


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