But Baby It's Still Cold Outside...

I know Its January, and seeing as it is still technically the 'winter months' I shouldn't be complaining about cold weather, but I am. After the Christmas season comes and goes, soon after I anticipate hot hot HEAT! And every year it is the same story of wind chapped faces and wool coats that feel like cocoons. Where is this Global warming that everyone (used too) talk about, I guess its as passé as those Miu Miu glitter booties...

I got followed home by 2 odd individuals, so I decided to take their photos as evidence. (kidding).

First is my lovely friend who was incredibly jet lagged but still rolled up to school in platforms. Gotta love someone who realizes everyday is a day for heels.

After her is my other friend who rolled up in layers and layers of warm fabrics. Since she was wearing a reversed fur coat and felt very Margiela, she decided to throw a scarf over her face in spirit of Maison Martin Margiela's Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

And I doing my very best to keep myself warm, doing an awkward tippy toe stance that screams "PARKIN LAWT HI FASHUN". On me is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, a vintage red duffle coat that I purchased in La Marais in Paris. An old Topman shirt that reminded me of Thom Browne and I had to buy it, plus the inside of the collar is hawaiian print and I could't resist that. I have my trickery pants on, well actually they are Margiela x H&M and just look like inside out jeans. But shhhh we will just let people think what they want, its entertaining. My feet are graced with Cole Haan brown suede brogues that are country club worthy to say the least. My back is weighed down with a rust coloured Herschel, that would appear to be able to fit your schooling essentials, but it really doesn't... Finally my accessories of the day was a Caputo&Co brown leather bracelet from bloomies (bloomingdales), and a beat up burgundy Bally belt, (say that ten times fast).

Happy Thursday!


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