Carven Ottoman Pants

Lets be honest here, I shop more then the average person. But seldom does a purchase make me feel as fulfilled as one of my latest's does.

Today I went down town to do some 'retail research' for one of my classes, so I strolled around Robson and Granville for what seemed like endless hours. I was about to catch the train home, when I decided I would visit The Room in The Bay. It was the second time in two weeks that I had gone to The Room. And just as soon as I walked in, the lady who helped me last time was like "Your Back"! Clearly I need another hobby outside of buying new things. I made light chit chat and decided to stroll around, on one of the last racks I visited I saw the pants of my unknown desire. They were striped and beautiful and I remembered seeing a photo of Natasha Goldenberg in them, so clearly I needed them. Feeling like I was doing something illegal, I grabbed the 36 & 38 handed them to a sales associate and walked towards the fitting rooms. So I made small chit chat, told her about my bad habit and declined her offer of refreshments, I just wanted to put the pants on. In the fitting room I put on the 38 and I felt like Cinderella and her glass slipper. They fit like a glove (for your legs),  and an awkward grinchly smile formed from one ear to the other. I stood there for about 30 seconds, tore them off then threw them at the sales associate. And minutes later my bank account was much lower, but I was much happier.

A light tale of love at first site, enjoy your weekends. And hopefully you too will find love, in The Room much like I did.


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