Hot Pink MESS

On the left we have Miroslava Duma representing Russia, and on the right we have Chiara Ferragni representing Italy. Both are trying to rock the neon beanie, but clearly they have both forgotten to remember something. That beanies are disgusting.

Honestly people, why must you all wear beanies all the time? The worst part was when I was seeing people wearing them throughout the summer, with their loose fitted tanks. Each piece completely clashing with one another. And not in a chic fur coat and bare leg type situation in the winter. Instead the people clad in their beanies in 30 celsius weather, pranced about looking like idiots.

Now I am not to sure where my hate for beanies started from, there are several reasons that could be the culprit for said animosity.

1. The fact that the beanie is affiliated with being a 'hipster'. Oh how I loath that term, what is a hipster? Who honestly knows, and in all actuality who cares? Who care?! Every person with a tumblr account. The fact that not appearing as mainstream, is the new mainstream is so damn mainstream.
2. As a means of being lazy when it comes to getting dressed, and supposing that a beanie is a fashionable cover-up. I don't like laziness, especially when it comes to getting dressed. When people first see you, what your wearing is typically the first thing they will see about you (unless your naked). Being presentable is key, and coming off as your put together and that you take yourself seriously is very important. When I think of a beanie, I think of that fact that your either covering up your hair because you didn't bother to properly get your self ready for the day. Or your so preoccupied with your ego, that you assume that people will take you seriously even in your thick wool cap and sweat pants.

Now I know that Miroslava, & Chiara do take how they dress seriously, so Im just assuming that they are trying to follow whats on trend. And unfortunately whats on trend, are the wooly messes that grace everyone's head out there. I suppose this is merely the inception of the beanie epidemic, and I for one will have to learn to bite my tongue when it comes to my verbal comments. But thats what the internet is for, a textual diary of my likes and dislikes.  And I can crouch behind my screen, and rant and rant about what I don't want to say to people's faces.

Enjoy your thursday evenings everyone! And the next time you go to put on a beanie, think about what kind of message your trying to send to the world.


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