I went thrifting two days in a row. 

Can we thank Value Village for having their 50% off days, its like a broke student's dream come true. Needless to say I went a bit spend happy and came out with a few goodies. One of which I decided to wear today. 

I believe this photo is a good depiction of how I feel towards my new shirt. 

Shirt - Thrift
Pants - L'Agence
Shoes - Unif
Chain - Vintage Givenchy Costume Jewelry 

My friend pulled this 'Chanel' monstrosity out of a rack as a joke, I for one laughed then snatched the shirt away from her. Its too great of a piece to pass up for a whole $1.98. Now I don't condone fakes yada yada yada, but tbh I can't tell if this puppy is or not. Because the tag seems pretty legit, but all I know is that the shirt is ironic and funny and I love it. 

 I now plan on taking full advantage of the fact that my diary is online, and I fully intend on making gifs a regular feature of each post.

 good night 

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