hey girl.

The beauty of this gif is actually how in the movie, while she is crying the song in the background is singing "she's beauty and she's grace". 

The above gif is seemingly irrelevant, but actually this is me. At school, all the time, drowning in my drafting rulers and prismacolors. I just came back from a 12 hour day, and needless to day I feel a bit drained. 

Thats me, looking tanner than usual. However, none the less tired and frustrated with pant waistbands and scu plans. 
Shirt - Vintage 
Sweater - Holt Renfrew x Justin Broadbents
Pants - Adidas
Shoes - Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott

I picked this sweater up the other day, and it seemed so perfect for me due to my inherent habit of saying 'Hey Girl". Now I just let my sweater do the talking, Im sure it saves some people from biting their tongues. I was surprised that Holt Renfrew had their own label, I know back in their early days they did. I was just surprised to see this on the racks the other day, I think the sweater was in celebration of their anniversary. 

I believe that was enough blabber for the night, Im off to finish a power point project and listen to The Chevin. 


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