My Outfit Today is Not Worthy

So typically Monday - Thursday I try to post my outfits, however I never got around to taking a photo of mine today. And I am sort of glad that I didn't, because It was disgusting. I originally started posting my daily outfits to keep track of what I have, and to ensure I don't over wear my pieces. So for that sake, I will simply write down what I wore.

Shirt - Tribal Print Henley (that looked like a pyjama top)
Pants - Uniqlo Camo Pants
Socks - Purple Polka-Dot Happy Socks
Shoes - Gourmet (cinque)

Okay, my shoes were pretty great today. I have to admit...

It may seem like I am neglecting surlafete, but I can assure you I am doing you all a favour by not posting todays look. I hope your weeks are all off to a great start !


PS I am still grieving the loss of my Carven pants... RIP 

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