Sport Luxe

Hello one and all,

Since yesterday I wore a wretched outfit, I went out and bought a new one. HA! I  picked up the pants and jersey yesterday, Ive been looking for the perfect pair of baggy pants that sat at the natural waist. Finally I found them and they are perfect, they flow and make me feel like an 80s pimp or something. The jersey was a spur of the moment purchase, the bold black and white was too much to pass up. Plus the irony of wearing a jersey with dress pants seemed like a good idea.

Jersey - Thrift
Pants - Thrift
Shoes - Vans

Now I am not too sure if you would consider today's look 'Sport Luxe', but Im just going to continue saying that it is. This outfit was ideal for my day today, because I had to redraft pants that took me forever. But whats done is done, and I am glad I wore swooshy pants. Have a good rest of your evenings everyone, and I suggest you all go and thrift a pair of swooshy pants.


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