CRIME. In the form of clothing.

Since I am a media whore, I am on some form of blog type thing for several hours out of the day. That being said, I have noticed quite a few things that send shivers down my spine. For a while now I have been keeping my eye on the slow progression of this 'trend', and have been hoping it'd disappear  (if we could only be so lucky). What I am referring to audience is the habit of people turning designer labels in to 'funny or witty' images or phrases. It particularly struck a sad cord in me when I saw a version of 'Balenciaga' splashed across a woman in one of Tommy Ton's street style photos for www.style.com. Brace your selves, its pretty bad.

Here is said woman in all her glory.

I wouldn't call this one clever. Its simply just hooking onto the Givenchy high everyone has been on                           lately (including I), however I would never want this. 

This little guy, who has appeared almost everywhere I can think of. I'm not sure why the creator of this slogan feels the need to tell the world to 'come de fuckdown', but let that be his/hers prerogative.

I could only imagine what your grandmother would say to you when you showed up to church in this. And saying "But it's Chanel!" is not a valid argument on so many levels. 

I personally think Medusa is bad ass enough, and that she doesn't need a bank-robbing bandanna over her mouth. I suppose Crooks&Castles added the bandanna to save their asses from getting sued, smart choice but still a dumb one.

I already obey everything Frida Giannini says and does, so I don't need a tacky sweater to tell me to do what I'm already doing.

This rant was only meant light heatedly, and wasn't a rant but call it what you will. If you are the owner of one of these  criminal pieces shirts/sweaters, just remember that QW still loves you. On another note I hope everyone is having a lovely week thus far, hopefully the sun is shining where ever you all may be. And don't forget to remember that, la vie est une fete ! 

"Farewell my Flowers"

xx QW

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