See what I did there? Usually people think they are all clever because because they use the word 'fall' to mean two things at once, like "fall into fall coats". However I spit on the face of whoever started that textual trend. So lets all Autumn into coats shall we? 

          Unfortunately it is that time of year again, where the leaves are changing colour, you have to stop prancing around outside in just a tee and when walking about outside in the morning and night you feel like you just stepped into a freezing hellhole. Unfortunately. But we have evolved as a species and have since realized that bundling up is key, (because colds are not chic). And we cant be doing it in american apparel hoodies and your basic peacoat any more, because thats just disgusting. I did some major investigative research and found some MAYJOR fall essentials, cue Rachel Zoe !

Do we all just love this elementary style collage I made for all of you? However my incredible computer skills aside, a huge trend I noticed in outerwear was puffer jackets. Now call them what you want, puffer jackets, quilted shells, padded gilets, they are the it piece this season it appears to be. I am half loving the trend because I love boxy pieces that make your body look like that of the likes of our friend Sponge Bob Square Pants. Some may not be too keen on that look, but thats what Balmain is for silly ! My personal favorite may have to be the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals, because I am a die hard Jeremy Scott fan and I feel he can do no wrong. But I'll leave it up to all of you to pick your own puffer/padded favorites. 

I am kind of into making these collages today, I might make it a regular thing. Hashtag Way Fun. And these were just a few pieces I chose because I love them and I thought they were all beautiful. I labeled each with the respected designers logo and something that each of them reminded me of. However I chose not to ad 'reminded me of' pictures next to the top left coats because well they both reminded me of each other so I guess technically I did. What ever. The Celine coat next to the Preen rabbit hair coat is actually from spring 2012, but It is a great transitional piece and I could definitely see someone rocking this is the autumn months, I sure would. 

Well I will leave you all with those lovely jackets and coats and allow you all to ponder what you will be purchasing for the cold seasons. I hope my scientific research has aided you all positively and you will all make a very chic choice. 

Enjoy the next few days where ever you all may be, and please don't freeze.

xx QW

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