I always get incredibly excited when ever I discover any new brand for my self, but Especially when I discover new eyewear brands. Earlier today I was browsing through the local shops on Granville Island, which is absolutely beautiful in the fall. I went into Granville Eyeland because I have been in their before and am always amazed at what the have in-stock. I was immediately drawn to the back wall where they had all of their Isson Eyewear displayed, because of the vibrant colours and their unexpected shapes. I am very much like Anna Dello Russo  in the sense that if fashion is uncomfortable it's alright, as long as it looks good. However, all of the glasses by them were made by the lightest japanese stainless steel I was amazed.

These were my favorite that I had tried on today...

Dont we just love the ad campaign?

Well that was my revelation of the day, a pretty good one I suppose. I hope you all are enjoying your day, and enjoying these pictures even more. Please check out Isson's Site and check out Granville Eyeland .

xx QW

PS if you have a hard time finding nice eyewear shops in Vancouver, try Bruce Eyewear in gas town on Abbot Street, they have kind and helpful staff and an incredible selection of glasses and sunglasses.

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