It's happened to all of us, when your shopping and you see something you want but aren't too sure if you should buy it. Maybe its too expensive or its last season's and your expecting to find something else you'll like more later on. Whatever it was, it was certainly not the correct choice!

I am a sad victim of this consumer's plague, and am here to publish my tale of this phenomenon...

A particular case stands out the most to me, it happened almost 2 years ago... It was July 6th, 2011 and I was at Holt Renfrew. They were having their semi annual transition of season's sale, all of their Spring/Summer 2011 stock was priced to move and the crowds were there to make that happen. I was browsing through the woman's handbags, (because men's bags don't have character like woman's bags do). And hidden under a pile of less then impressive handbags was a striped Prada Tote, the exact one carried on the runway by Daiane Conterato. It was lightly scratched up, but beautiful as ever. I had a slight heart attack at that moment and began obsessively admiring it slung over my shoulder. The bag was a statement and half off, and I was infatuated by its bold grey on black stripes. It was beautiful, but I began having doubts. Should I really be buying a designer bag when there are so many other things I could buy, is the bag going to look dated quickly, its all canvas so is it worth the $750 price tag? I was at a cross roads with a devil and angel screaming demands from my shoulders. I listened to the angel insisting I put the money to other uses, I put the bag down and walked away. It was like ripping off a Prada bandaid and it bled like Mama Miuccia would never believe.

Above is the aforementioned, beautiful isn't she? I literally think about her all the time and am hoping she will pop up on ebay one of these days. 

However I can't dwell on the past (or Prada for that matter). Because I am confident that my girl Miuccia will concoct something equally as desirable and when that time comes, I will have learned from my past mistakes and take it home.  

Well I hope that story wasn't too depressing, I'm coping with the loss and a Prozac 4 times a day everyday seems to do the trick (kidding). 

Until next time, 


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