Oh Instagram, it's like twitter for people who hate to read. So inevitably I am an avid user of said 'app'. And for lack of a better segway you can follow me at svarsek. #shamelessselfpromotion . Almost every time I make a purchase, wear a decent outfit or its a nice day out, my initial reaction is to instagram it ! For those of you not yet following me I thought I would include 2 of my outfits this week.

Clearly this week (like every week) Jeremy Scott was my designer of choice. You can't go wrong with a rainbow of keyboard keys splashed across your torso, the only downside to this shirt is the random attacks from people thinking the keys are functional. Really people, oh the world we live in. And needless to say I wore the pink jacket on wednesday. Because if I didn't wear pink on a wednesday, Regina, Karen & Gretchen wouldn't let me sit at their lunch table, and that is so not fetch. 

Hopefully this post didn't take to much of your instagraming time. 

Have a good weekend and keep trying to make fetch happen.


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