Jeremy Scott Has Done It Again

"Jeremy Scott for President". If I was the mega whore that is Global Media, that would be my eternal Head Line. Jeremy Scott never ceases to amaze me with his ingenious designs and wacky collaborations. The fool that thought he may have hit his halt with winged shoes and pill covered carryalls was sadly mistaken. Jeremy Scott recently paired up with bite sized car producer, Smart Car to put out a vehicle that could surely fly, or it appears so at the very least. I managed to snag a couple photos from Pelayo Diaz's Instagram (of KateLovesMe ), and am going to publicly plagiarize said photos here for you folks.

Needless to say I am having irregular heart palpitations due to these photos. My palms are sweaty, and yearning to grip the hopefully winged steering wheel and take that car a drive. However, two things are stopping me from performing such task, the first being that I have no way of contacting Mr. Scott and kindly asking for said vehicle, and the second being my fear of driving, well... anything. All of that aside I am completely obsessed with this car, and I will go out on a limb here and say that this Designer x Car Company Collaboration is far more exciting then the Gucci x Fiat 500. Hard to believe, "But you'll get used to it" - Ja'mie King, Summer Heights High.

Hope this brightened up a few Tuesday nights,

until next time...

"Sleep well my Darlings" - Paul The Intern Lemieux, MTV Live


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