Jeremy Scott is a mad man. He just won't stop. (And thats why we love him right?). Written word just surfaced that their is another exclusive Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Wing Shoe set to be released. This particular shoe is to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, its only fitting that the shoe is co-designed by an Asian. And this lucky Asian is non other then Eason Chan !

Don't know who he is?

Well thats okay because neither do I. My music type is typically of the English Language Variety. On another note, the preview pictures that have been released look incredible and I am beyond excited to see what the whole shoe will look like.

The shoe is set to be released on January 4th, of the new year. So far it is only said to be released in Hong Kong, but one can only hope that a size 9 will make its way over to this far country called Canada.

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday, and That this post made your night just a bit brighter!

"Farewell my flowers"  - P'Trique


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