The 'it' Piece Syndrome

Its inevitable. Every season there are the pieces that grab everyones attention and make it to the top of many's wish lists. For the opening months of the seasons everyone is in awe, and at the closing months closer to sale time we are slowly counting the 'it' pieces' 15 minutes.

Perhaps it's my savage case of fashion a.d.d. but surely Im not the only one.

When carefully dissecting the 11th grade biology project that is fashion's must haves I think they all break down to this. The key to an "it" piece is that is has to be easily recognizable, but still subtle enough that you aren't seaming gaudy or pretentious flashing around a designer label. People as much as they would hate to admit it like to show off, I guess its in our DNA? Cue the animal calls and bright feathers and furs. As much as we make fun off the people wearing Coach Bags with "C"s all over, your want to have a compliment for a designer label is just as valid as the woman carrying the coach bag, as profound as that sounds.

I have chosen 5 pieces that have been the it pieces for a few seasons now, and 2 that are fresh off the Parisian Press (and Japanese).

This ferocious pullover has run rampant this past season. Appearing on probably every street style blog out there, this sweater took a fast climb to the top of the "it" list this season. Perhaps its the graphic print with "Kenzo" playing a role more as an artistic element, versus a tasteless way to splash a logo across a garment. This particular piece had a fair run at the mainstream, and definitely made the many other brands green with envy.

 The Balenciaga Egypotfunk graphics were another FW12 freshie to make it to the list. Appearing like a vintage graphic from tee's past. The bright colours and unexpected combinations of print and text had many smitten at first sight. An important factor to the Egypotfunk's success was it's relatively inexpensive price point. Putting 300$ into a piece that will only be relevant for a season, is no big commitment to many.

I assume you were all expecting this one, the Givenchy Rottweiler shirt, sweater, whatever. Making its way onto the backs of the biggest names in hip hop made it a must have for their loyal mob of groupies. Do rappers even have groupies? I digress. However surely many who own one of these pieces will have no clue as to who this Riccardo Tisci is, and that folks makes me sad for the world of fashion. 

Enough with all this chit chatter about sweaters and shirts, we al know 'it' pieces don't solely exist on ones torso. (pun intended). The Isabel Marant Willow/Bekket sneaker has become a fashion week footwear favourite, say that ten times fast. So popular Isabel Marant has come out with her very own Aldo , Steve Madden, & Jeffrey Campbell versions ! (Note the sarcasm). I in particular was a huge fan of these shoes, because I thought they were the first sneaker wedge that didn't look like a sneaker wedge. And then everyone started wearing them and my eyes got tired of seeing them trod across every blog out there. 

And last but most certainly not least is the infamous CelinĂ© Luggage Tote. My first trip to Paris 2 years ago I can specifically remember being in Gallery Lafayette and seeing an impeccably dressed French Woman wearing an all black mini luggage slung over her arm like its been hers for years. I though it was like a Birkin but new, and was awe struck with this bag. And slowly the trickle down effect took place and many brands started popping out their own versions. Making this bag, real or fake one of the most common bags out there. The easily recognizable shape and the 'discrete' logo stamped in metallic gold made it a fashion piece that some may call a classic. However I consider it a been there seen that 4215513453145 times. 

So all of this begs the question, what is the point of buying the 'it' pieces spewed out there every season. Why not buy the obscure piece that you will love for a life time versus the piece that will look dated in 3 months? 

Now that was a lot of ranting even for me. Maybe I should start calling myself the Bitchy Wintour Instead. But I feel I could never put that word next to Anna's name, she's to special ya'll. 

Until next time.  


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