80s Opulence - Homeless

When pulling on my t-shirt this morning, it struck me that this is one of the gaudiest pieces I own. An obnoxious logo printed in a baroque style font on top of bold leopard print,  it reminded me of 80s opulence. I stuck with the exaggerated look, and wore my 'higher' waisted baggy pants, shiny lace-ups & an oversized printed blazer. My stance also seemed 80s-editorial, but less exaggerated.

Blazer - Thrift
Pants - Thrift
Shirt - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals
Shoes - Stacy Adams

Now the 'Homeless' part of the title derives from a few things. Firstly because most of what I am wearing was bought from the thrift store, not that thrift isn't chic. Its just that there is a fat chance that a homeless (wo)man is just as likely to purchase from the same thrift store. Also my shoes are from high school, and have gone through far too many classy, juvenile events. Thus they are absolutely trashed, but they still shine like king midas's silver.

have a good night everyone, and watch the video I posted the link too. It's next level chic.

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