Shopping Problems

So 2 weekends ago I went shopping (quel surpris), and I bought a bag. The bag I bought was a Maison Martin Margiela bag, classic, neutral, whatever. When purchasing the bag I went through the usual symptoms of, excitement, death, happiness, & death. I was thinking that the bag was a classic shape, super functional, will go with everything & very versatile. The second I got it I wore it religiously for almost 2 weeks, I wore it cross body, over the shoulder, in my hand. I wore it a million and one different ways day in and day out.

(said bag)

Now, the reason I am writing this is solely because of my case of accessories ADHD. I do not understand how most people buy 1 designer bag and wear the absolute sh*t out of it, I would get so bored! I understand that designer bags don't come around very ofter, so you should be very grateful for the one(s) you have. However, 2 weeks into my love affair with (said bag) I catch myself having thoughts about other bags. Thoughts about clutching the big handles of a Proenza Schouler PS11 Tote, or draping the strap of a Balenciaga Courier across my torso. I know they are sinful thoughts, but they are alive and well and carousing around my head. 

I finish with this, is it normal to always want more then what we have. To keep searching for something else when we have so much in front of us?

I suppose that closing statement could apply to more then just bags, but lets just be superficial for now and talk about Margiela.


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