I went to the Bank today.

So I went to the bank today, and while I was walking out I glanced in the mirror and noticed that I looked like someone who would work at a bank. A mirror selfie was definitely necessary to visually document this huge revelation.

Peacoat - Banana Republic
Pants - Margiela x H&M
Socks - American Apparel
Shoes - Comme des Garcons x Converse
Bag - Coach

Please don't hate on me for wearing a Coach bag, I removed the gaudy hangtags to make the bag inconspicuous. On a side note, I wonder what the people at the ATM were thinking when a supposed bank employee was taking selfies at the entrance mirror. Probably like, "wow that person must love their job so much that they document each passing day with a photo",  I digress. 

On another side note I was just thinking, for the past months I have been trying to make the time go by quickly. Ive been not keeping track of dates, keeping busy, yada yada yada. Today I just stopped for a moment and thought, "gadamn time has certainly flown by, and now I can't make it slow down". Like forealzies.

Well that was my post for today, please laugh at my banter and ignore my bad grammar. I fully intend on going on a 5 day hiatus, so at that I wish you all a lovely long weekend. 


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