Eco Friendly Clutches

So this morning when I was getting dressed I got a call from Stella, she just called to tell me that she is sending over one of her new eco friendly clutch bags. The bags are for her Spring 2014 line and she wanted me to be photographed in them first. They are vegan, and come in this lovely shade of yellow. Stella said they will be all the rage in 2014.

Shirt - Gap
Pants - Rag & Bone
Shoes - Vans
Clutch - 'Stella McCartney' Spring 2014 

Since I was so honoured that Stella wanted me to be photographed in her S/S 2014 first, I had to find the perfect location to shoot in. I searched for hours until I finally found this cute, small forest near my neighbourhood. And of course I had to bring along my favourite cat mask as well... 

In all seriousness though guys, my clutch is simply just a bunch of bananas. And I didn't actually find a forest, those are just trees cropped in. Unfortunately Stella McCartney is not a dear friend of mine, unfortunately... 

Have a great night everyone ! 


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